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Gulf Navigation Holdings PJSC (GNH) is an integrated shipping company with its own ship management company.


Dear Shareholders:

We have adopted the vision of “A Broad Vision to A New Horizon” that is based on the renovation and restructuring of Gulf Navigation Holding Group, aiming to develop our performance and expand our scope of work, which required joined forces and focused support to enable our company to move forward in a short period of time. We have successfully managed to address a several internal and administrative issue related to the company’s capabilities and services. We have achieved this progress through conducting an essential change in our beliefs, business and vision to better understand the local, regional and international market variations. Renovation and stimulating business are the core pillars in order to keep pace with the various global economic deviations.

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What Differentiate Us?

GNH is uniquely positioned to create a differentiated position by being A National Shipping Company in the UAE that has high standard, reliable and competitive fleet.
Our key differentiator is that we deliver services in a coat effective and efficient manner and ensure quality in all parts of our delivery.
We have an agile and acumen business that maximize the returns to our shareholders
We have a deep and rich competence and will continuously invest in the development of our competence in order to support our customers and to be a solution-oriented company.
We shall create a customer centric organization and address our key customers via proactive.


Strengthens our efforts towards “A Broad Vision to a New Horizon”…

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