QHSE & Crew Coordinator

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree
  • Previous experience will be beneficial
  • Experience with Quality Management Systems
  • Knowledge of Maritime security
  • Experience with incident investigation
  • Strong MS Office skills -Typing skills, Windows 10, Word, Excel, MS Outlook.
  • Additional: Crew Administration and Payroll System
  • Able to deal with crew and passengers in a professional manner
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills – in English
  • Good organiser and communicator and feel comfortable working with crew of different nationalities.
  • Able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and work to established standards
  • Should have minimum 2 to 3 years experience in Shipping & Marine Industry

Job Responsibilities (But not are limited to the following)


  • Maintain QHSE records related to SIRE, CDI, PSC, Flag and Class inspections.
  • Maintain record of NM NC and Haz reports
  • In charge of Technical library and maintain inventory every Quarter
  • In charge of dispatching company mail to the ships. Maintain record of QDT forms.
  • Assist in circulation of Safety and Technical bulletins within the Fleet and maintain their Records
  • Assist in Record keeping during the Ship/Shore safety drills. Compile Minutes and circulate as advised by Manager
  • In charge of company Stationery. Will maintain an Inventory and re-order stationery from the printers as necessary. Will control the supply of company stationery to the Fleet
  • In charge of outfitting new ships with all SMS Manuals and company stationery etc
  • In charge of Newslink Bulletin supply to the Fleet
  • In charge of   Entertainment DVD supply to the Fleet
  • Assist with the Revision process of company SMS Manuals
  • Assist Marine Supdts in day to day work
  • Assist in maintaining data Base of Near Miss/Non Conformity/ Accident/Incidents
  • Maintain effective QMS for the group companies and facilitate the QMS audits.
  • Get quotes and raise requisitions related to QHSE dept.
  • Understand Piracy and High Risk – Maritime Security
  • Any other task that the Manager shall assign


  • Manning and manpower development for GSM managed ships, ensuring that ships are manned in accordance with Company Policy and Flag requirements.
  • Ensuring that ship staff are in possession of valid Certificates as per National and Flag State requirements, taking into account the type of Ships
  • Compiling ship staff onboard and vacation schedules.
  • Overview of sea staff Conditions of Service and the payment of salaries for seafarers. Negotiating reviews of Terms and conditions with relevant manning agencies.
  • Checking of Master’s wage returns. Supervision of Fleet payroll.
  • Monitoring the standards of sea staff and assessing their Appraisal reports.
  • Responsible for all P&I matter relating to personnel (incl health).
  • Sea staff discipline. Investigate and follow – up all reports of breaches of discipline in the fleet.
  • Liaising with manning agencies to ensure seamless operations are conducted wrt ITF and other bodies.
  • Crew costs – Compiling crewing costs for budgets and new business quotes.
  • Monitoring the welfare – Responsible for seafarers’ welfare and ensuring that the Fleet Manager is kept informed in case of sickness, injury or death of seafarers.
  • Implementation of STCW 95 regulations and verification of certification.

Please send your CV to careers@gulfnav.com by specifying ‘GSM/CR/19/09- QHSE/CREW’ in the Subject